really, really sucks

November 26, 2007

First off. The page is an Ajax mess.  That is.  Well, Terribly confusing to use.

The upload functions dont seem to work for .flac files, which is what I keep the music I want to save in a backup anyways.

Oh. And its slow as hell. Slowww. Asss. Hell.

edit:just to let everyone know, dropbox is way better.  no they are not paying me.


24 Responses to “ really, really sucks”

  1. be'er Says:

    just google “ sucks” out of frustration. and got here. still sucks!

  2. applefox Says:

    Lol. I just googled sucks and I got this. Just like the last person.

  3. Robert Says:

    I just tried and it totally sucked. Upload didn´t work. And when it worked, it was awfully slow.
    Bad, bad!

  4. mmahumor Says:

    yes, it really sucks!!!!!

  5. johnjohnson Says:

    yes sucks; i give up; can’t ever save changes from zoho to box; contents of one doc got blown away by this crap; USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

  6. TomoAlien Says:

    For some reason i can’t download .EXE files, but some other people can!

  7. wangpohshan Says:

    I’m content with the design and all.But I think they should update the goddamn server.
    Like,maximum file size,25MB?!WTF!
    Mediafire’s better.And the uploading speed is slower than a snail.I’d prefer Nakido.It’s uploading speed is lower than average but its not that bad.And you can upload up to unlimited GBs,TBs,every Bs!
    I only like’s widget system.

  8. shit head Says:

    Sorry service to gain a buck. A free download makes you wait 22 hrs for the next chance. Simple it is in the sewer with rapidshare.

  9. shit head Says:

    Find a new home!

  10. Rick Says:

    Yep, it sucks, sucks @rse in fact. Too small, too slow, crappy interface, and no mobile support worth a damn (no, I don’t use a bloody iPhone). I joined them ages ago when they were new & had such high hopes – I’ve tried to be understanding & supportive but they don’t get better – just crappier. Like everyone else I web searched “ sucks” out of frustration and got here. I have better luck with Skydrive (& that’s saying something).

  11. John Says:

    just sign up for free 50GB account thought was a good deal, but f***ing s*** I can’t upload anything. Main page freezes 50% of time. Yeah go for sugar sync or dropbox.

  12. dan Says: / sucks so bad I almost want to buy a derogatory domain name tailored just for making fun of how much they really do suck. If you don’t believe me just try using them. Java sucks. Takes forever to load windows. Uploads fail 90% for me. Literally every step I take in is excruciating in every way, mostly speed, then reliability. So, short of actually making a website to broadcast this, this review will be the end of all efforts towards or Same shit in the end. Find another online doc provide; you know there are better out there.

  13. anna Says:

    I’m a new registered user to and not satisfied. as dropbox where i found far better.First off all the restriction of 25MB really sucks, I got some upload error and preview file also, No connection internet found or file is not saved lolzzzz that was a biggest funny error I ever saw, but my biggest disappointment was that never received that damn 50GB space as they promised, anyway that was my story ppl beware & good luck.

  14. Andrew Says:

    Box net still sucks

  15. Jamie Says:

    Ditto everything here, including googling sucks

  16. Amit Says:

    True! Dropbox is the best in all aspect! I use it everywhere 🙂 possible. And, its the true cloud storage!

  17. Fuck You Says: STILL SUCKS! What a piece of shit.

  18. David Says:

    I agree as well, also. Box sucks. Let it be known.

  19. Mika Says:

    God this Box is soooo crap !!!!
    Get something else for god’s sake!

  20. KIF Says:

    Still a horrible, slow, bloated, buggy mess. And their sync app randomly deletes your files. A. Sync. App. This is a SOLVED problem and has been for decades. DA FUQ.

  21. ItDoesReallyScuk Says: still SUCKS. dont go for it. its jsut bullshit. you basically have to copy everything you want in to a folder on your PC (wasting all your space) and it will only sync to it. every time you add new files, you would have to rememeber to copy them over to this folder otherwise the new files never get picked up.

  22. DJ Says:

    Incompatible with Windows 8.1. It also does not upload files half the time. Ticket support is a joke. Ask a question, submit it, and get an answer for something totally different. Deep six this trash.

  23. Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the
    amazing work.

  24. pingmaestro Says: is the cloud version of a corrupted floppy disk. I just lost an entire Scrivener document because of it… My money will go to DropBox!

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