Who is Belton Sutherland?

October 29, 2008

To start, Belton Sutherland appears to have been a jazz musician, that is all I know.

Well, Its been a long night. And a long week at that.  However I was up all night last night trying to figure out who Belton Sutherland is.  I could only find one clip on youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo87d-blXg0) and then. Nothing. No wikipedia, and a google search for his name revealed… The same clip over and over again.  I dont know who this guy is, but I have listened to that 1 minute long clip for almost an hour now, its that good.  Anyways. That is all.


16 Responses to “Who is Belton Sutherland?”

  1. james eller Says:

    hey man, same issue for me. when i googled him i found this. looks like the world’ll never be lucky enough for that recording.

  2. Daniel Says:

    It’s from a larger video clip which is an Alan Lomax documentary. The youtube video was cut short because alan lomax is speaking over part of it, but that appears to be all history wrote about this guy. Here’s the link

  3. Goran Says:

    i am form Croatia,this is the best blues i ever hour,but i cant find anothing more

  4. Goran Says:

    i thing this is regular man from the people,eksedentley in tv unfortinaly

  5. Goran Says:

    sorry for bad english

  6. John Bishop Says:

    We shot Belton Sutherland on the last night of our shoot for The Land Where the Blues Began. WE met him that afternoon, he only gave us those two songs, and nobody followed up on him (as far as i know). He was too good not to have had a lot more. the two song, complete performances with no voice over are part of the extras on the just released LWBB 30 Anniversary DVD, available from Media-generation.com

  7. wesley Says:

    Ah, thank you for the reply, quite an honor actually. Loved the film, going to buy it now.

    Have any other blues singers you want to send my way?

  8. of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny :;;

  9. Daniel Cohen Says:

    the old one’s gone, but I just found this 4 minute one on youtube. Not nearly as badass, but still good. It looks like he’s just kinda playing to himself.

    Always loved those lyrics – how did he not mean any harm?

  10. There’s a grave for a Belton Sutherland in Madison County, MS.
    Birth: Feb. 14, 1911
    Death: Oct. 7, 1983
    It seems likely that is him – would make him 67 in the clip.


  11. Stan Shaffer Says:

    I’m hooked on him and his music, which I discovered last night on 3 Quarks Daily. A beat up guitar, dirty tapping shoes, dead cigarette (which he almost flips and smiles in Blues # 2). Thanks Alan and Mal for preserving this authentic blues player.

  12. Blind Jack Cotton Says:

    He’s playing a 1948 archtop; I know because I own one too. Mine’s a Harmony, but I can’t be sure what Belton’s is because I can’t make out the name on the headstock. Sweetest sounding guitar ever made in my opinion. 100% made in the USA, unlike all the crap being made in China, Korea, and Japan these days. I picked mine up for under $200, yet I’d not sell or trade it for all the world’s high-end guitars. These old birchwood guitars have mojo… real mojo… a true piece of Americana… a treasure. Alan really did the world a service by preserving Belton and his wonderful guitar.

  13. I’m so sad, that he hadn’t been discovered earlier. Belton Papa always makes me happy. He means the blues for me. (Zsolt Lőrincz from Szeged, Hungary)

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