Random Diary Excerpt.

January 13, 2010

J 12,10

no id=no paycheck.  this is bullshit.  the ability for someone to live simply free from interruption or coercion from a madman with a gun and a small penis are coming to an end or gone already, i cant tell which.  Perhaps I am lucky not to know any better.


yet again my ability to communicate successfully with the masses has disappeared or perhaps I never had it back or had it in the first place.  the two latter choices are by far the most probable.   done talking for a while regardless.

Is it really such a bad thing that I have no interest in television and movies and other bullshit that does nothing but soften the mind and resolve of a human being?  Taking the most powerful creature to arise from the ooze and turning into the most submissive.  I will not be responsible for doing that to myself.  Also, so what if I have no interest in ejecting my views on sexuality into a public forum.  Whats the point of discussing who sucked dick with more gusto or who fucked more dramatically and slovenly.


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